Privacy Policy


Your privacy and the safety of your personal data have great value to PhotoDeck.

Data collection, storage and processing of personal data

PhotoDeck collects, stores, processes and transmits user data in order to fulfill the PhotoDeck Service, to guarantee that PhotoDeck complies with applicable laws, and to protect the legitimate business interests of PhotoDeck. The collection of personal information submitted by users is a mandatory requirement in the use of the PhotoDeck Service.

PhotoDeck does not store credit card numbers.

Collected personal data is stored on servers located in Europe. Extensive security safeguards are in place to protect the data against unauthorized access and abuse. The software used on the servers is frequently updated to stay abreast of the latest security developments.

Access to personal information and sharing with 3rd parties

Access to personal information that can be linked to a specific individual is limited to a handful of authorized PhotoDeck staff. PhotoDeck will not transmit personal information to third parties other than PhotoDeck Subscribers unless explicitely permitted by the individual, due to legal obligations, or when it is an obvious requirement in fulfilling the PhotoDeck Service (e.g. personal information of an individual using a PhotoDeck Subscriber website operated under the PhotoDeck Service).

The use of personal data (e.g. email address) for marketing and promotion purposes is subject to prior agreement (opt-in) with the user.

PhotoDeck might provide selected partners with information about its Subscribers and Users, only when the Subscriber/User has consented to it through the service interface and has been informed of the type of data shared.